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Opportunity lies ahead, but are you ready for it?

14 September 2017

Emergency Nurse


In April, NHS England published its urgent and emergency care delivery plan, which states that every hospital should introduce comprehensive ‘front-door streaming’...

In advanced practice one size does not always fit all

10 May 2018

Emergency Nurse


There is now a nationwide standard and credentialing process that establishes clarity around the role of the emergency care advanced clinical practitioner (ACP)....

Let’s celebrate success

06 October 2016

Emergency Nurse


New figures from NHS England show that attendances at emergency departments (EDs) are greater than ever and performance has worsened in many areas this past year.

Mandy Rumley-Buss - The bigger picture

08 April 2016

Emergency Nurse


ONCE AGAIN emergency departments (EDs) are struggling with increased numbers of attendances – up 11% in January. There is no longer a winter in EDs as the seasons...

Mandy Rumley-Buss - Bigger picture

09 March 2015

Emergency Nurse


THIS MONTH, the RCN Emergency Care Association is due to hold its annual conference in Manchester. As an associate of the national Acute Frailty Network, launched in...

Is streaming patients a good idea?

10 March 2017

Emergency Nurse


To reduce delays in patient care and overcrowding in emergency departments (EDs), suitable patients are often streamed away from the department or to separate areas...

Transforming emergency services for frail older people in hospital

27 May 2015

Nursing Management


Managers of emergency care, acute medicine and geriatric medicine care had a difficult few months over winter managing rising demand for emergency care, and the...

A smoother pathway

26 March 2015

Nursing Older People


THIS WINTER has seen more demand than ever for emergency care. As a result, emergency departments (EDs) have experienced difficulties coping.