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Diagnosis and management of scaphoid fractures: a literature review

01 November 2005

Emergency Nurse


The scaphoid is the most frequently fractured carpal bone, accounting for 71per cent of all carpal bone fractures and between 2 and 7per cent of all orthopaedic...

Triage nurse X-ray protocols for hand and wrist injuries

05 February 2010

Emergency Nurse


Enabling triage nurses to request X-rays has a number of benefits for patients and staff. This article describes the development of a protocol and in-house training...

How clinical practice placements affect professional development

07 September 2010

Emergency Nurse

A&S Science

Aim The aim of the study discussed in this article was to understand the views of nursing students undertaking practice placements in emergency departments (EDs) and...

Emphasis on quality

01 April 1991

Elderly Care


There have been two health care revolutions in the UK since the inception of the National Health Service and we are entering a third, the hallmark of which is an...

Helping hands tied by malpractice suits

16 September 1992

Nursing Standard


The ability of nurses to perform CPR and first aid is often debated. However, I must write and express another concern - that of nurses’ fears of the legal...

Conditions affecting the foreskin

16 May 2012

Nursing Standard

A&S Science

This article aims to provide an update on the anatomy of, and some of the conditions affecting, the foreskin. The cultural and religious significance of the foreskin...

Introducing first-year student placements in critical care

08 February 2012

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Pre-registration nurse education requires students to spend 50% of their programme in clinical practice. The intensive care unit (ICU) is an area that could...

Compassion in emergency departments. Part 1: nursing students’ perspectives

20 June 2018

Emergency Nurse

compassionate care

Compassion is a topical issue in clinical nursing practice, nurse education and policy, but a review of the literature reveals that nursing students’ experiences of...

Compassion in emergency departments. Part 3: enabling and supporting delivery of compassionate care

09 October 2018

Emergency Nurse

subject of article

In the final part of this three-part series, David Hunter and colleagues analyse the factors that enable and support delivery of compassionate care in emergency...

Compassion in emergency departments. Part 2: barriers to the provision of compassionate care

26 July 2018

Emergency Nurse

Student experience

In the second part of this three-part series, David Hunter and colleagues discuss the barriers to the provision of compassionate care in emergency departments (EDs)....