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Natural born healers

14 January 1998

Nursing Standard


NURSES ARE healers and heal every day. Attentive listening, a friendly smile, a concerned touch and an encouraging word are all healing. Medication, surgery and...

Healing healers

16 August 2000

Nursing Standard

Perspectives: outlook

Do you often find patients say to you, I Thank you, nurse'? If so, I am sure’ it is when you have treated themwith compassion. Being treated withcompassion is what...

Identifying foot fractures and dislocations

01 October 2014

Emergency Nurse

Art & Science

As the roles of emergency nurse practitioners expand, more patients with minor injuries are being managed independently by nursing staff. Injuries to the foot and...

Benefits of a collaborative approach to service evaluation in urgent care

22 November 2022

Emergency Nurse

service improvement

Collaboration and service evaluation are essential enablers for improving models of health and social care. Significant benefits can be achieved when they are...