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The management of breathlessness in palliative care

16 October 2002

Nursing Standard


Breathlessness poses a significant problem in cancer care. Tanya Andrewes provides an overview of this symptom and discusses strategies for management.

Understanding colorectal cancer survivors’ perceptions of dietary advice: a literature review

13 September 2021

Cancer Nursing Practice

healthy eating

The number of colorectal cancer survivors in the UK is increasing. Healthier diets can improve prognosis for survivors, but research indicates that they are...

Factors affecting patients’ decision-making about treatment for cancer: a literature review

16 June 2021

Cancer Nursing Practice

patient experience

Decision-making about cancer treatment relies on effective communication between healthcare professionals and patients. It is also a common point of communication...

Do mindfulness interventions reduce burnout in oncology nurses? A literature review

12 July 2021

Cancer Nursing Practice

staff welfare

Nursing patients with cancer is associated with a high level of intensity of emotional engagement, which can result in compassion fatigue and burnout, with nurses...