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Cancer Vixen

01 May 2007

Cancer Nursing Practice

Book Review

This book is the true story of what happens when a shoe-crazy, lipstick-obsessed, wine-swilling, pasta-slurping, fashion-fanatic, big-city-girl with a fabulous life...

Caring for the dying at home

01 August 2003

Cancer Nursing Practice

Book Review

Most community healthcare professionals working in palliative care would acknowledge that given adequate support, patients would choose to die at home surrounded by...

Access for all?

01 November 2006

Cancer Nursing Practice


Although it has been recognised for some time that black and minority ethnic (BME) groups affected by cancer may experience inequalities in accessing healthcare,...

Using Health Policy in Nursing Practice

08 December 2014

Cancer Nursing Practice

Book Review

AS WE approach an election year, a number of nurses will be exposed for the first time to how the NHS and health policy is targeted and debated by political parties....

The goody effect

01 April 2009

Cancer Nursing Practice


Reality TV celebrity Jade Goody chose to share her cancer journey (Cancer Nursing Practice, March 2009) from the time of diagnosis of having cervical cancer with the...

Operating palliative care services in the private setting

01 March 2003

Cancer Nursing Practice


Palliative care services have developed rapidly over the past 30 years and the palliative needs of cancer patients are now well understood and managed by specialist...

Care of the Cancer Patient: a quick reference guide

01 May 2008

Cancer Nursing Practice

Book Review

In a market already groaning under the weight of palliative care text, do we need another reference book? If so, does using it improve the experience of cancer...

Improving the cancer patient experience: lessons from London

01 May 2007

Cancer Nursing Practice

Patient experience

A national review of cancer patients’ experiences identified a significant variation in the scores of those in London when compared to those living elsewhere...

BME deliverance

01 March 2006

Cancer Nursing Practice


Ethnicity is now established as a risk factor in relation to cancer incidence. For example, men of African descent have the highest rate of prostate cancer in the...

Commissioning the specialist cancer nursing workforce

03 June 2010

Cancer Nursing Practice


While research and government policy support the link between the number of experienced specialist cancer nurses and patient outcomes, there is no national consensus...