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No place like home

27 April 2005

Nursing Standard


I recently gave evidence to Shelter’s investigation into the damage to children caused by bad housing. I hope the charity’s new report, Generation Squalor, serves as...

Jane cook reviews a new report which offers guidance on the implementation of services to meet the health needs of homeless people

01 December 1995

Primary Health Care


People who are Homeless is a timely report for planners and providers in the mental health field who are trying to improve the quality and type of service they...

Domestic help

28 July 2009

Nursing Standard


The nomadic nature of homeless children’s lives makes it difficult to monitor their safety and wellbeing, but nurses can play a key role, provided they are given...

How parental substance misuse affects children’s wellbeing

30 June 2012

Primary Health Care

A&S Science

This article is a synopsis of a presentation given at the Queen’s Nursing Institute conference on substance misuse. The presentation focused on how health visitors...

‘Staff should not be penalised by postcode’

14 February 2012

Nursing Standard


‘The national system needs to stay in place, but nurses on the front line should be consulted about any changes so they are not imposed on them.’

Exploring the provision of services to support people with cancer-related pain

19 December 2023

Cancer Nursing Practice

evidence and practice

Background Cancer-related pain is the most commonly reported symptom across all cancer types. It can have significant effects on the person experiencing it,...