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Be open with patients about life after cancer

24 August 2016

Nursing Standard


It is vital to tell patients about potential long-term side effects after cancer diagnosis. Thousands of people who have already had the devastation of a cancer...

Delivering personalised cancer care to enhance patients’ quality of life

22 March 2022

Cancer Nursing Practice

patient experience

Many people with cancer experience long-term physical and emotional challenges resulting from the disease and its treatment. Personalised care enables people to...

Managing challenging conversations by telephone with people living with cancer

27 April 2022

Cancer Nursing Practice

communication skills

Nurses working in cancer care can often find themselves engaged in challenging conversations with patients and their family members or carers. These conversations...

How can I ease patient anxiety made worse by COVID?

28 February 2022

Cancer Nursing Practice

Evidence and practice

Cancer affects the emotional health of patients, families and caregivers. With such a life-changing experience, patients and their families and people close to them...

Prehabilitation in cancer care: preparing people for treatment physically and mentally

04 October 2021

Cancer Nursing Practice


Prehabilitation is the process of enhancing an individual’s functional capacity by optimising their physical and mental health to prepare them for treatment....