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Patient satisfaction with information on late effects

11 February 2014

Cancer Nursing Practice

Art & Science

A patient survey was conducted to determine satisfaction with information provision during pelvic radiotherapy and identify any unmet information needs. A...

Reviewing nursing support in cancer care

01 April 2004

Cancer Nursing Practice


Supportive care has come to the forefront of political attention, a fact symbolised by last month’s release of the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE)...

Stratified follow up: supporting patients to self-manage

08 July 2015

Cancer Nursing Practice

Art & Science

Changing the way people are supported after cancer treatment is a national priority to ensure they are helped to live well with and beyond the disease. At present,...

Boundaries in advanced nursing practice: the benefits of group supervision

10 July 2014

Mental Health Practice

Art & Science

Aim The aim of this study was to identify the effects of a clinical supervision group on the practice of biofeedback therapists. Method Qualitative methods,...

Helping people to live better with and beyond bowel cancer

05 April 2017

Nursing Standard


Do your patients ever worry about getting caught short? Does the fear of being faecally incontinent stop them from going to work or socialising?

Bouncing back

14 August 1991

Nursing Standard


Failing final RGN examinations can be soul destroying. Ideally, tutors and peers offer guidance and understanding to help students overcome the emotions associated...

Holistic, person-centred care is vital for people living with cancer

31 October 2022

Cancer Nursing Practice


Four months ago, I began my role as chief nursing officer (CNO) at Macmillan Cancer Support (MCS). This is a joint leadership position, which I share with our chief...

Giving a helping hand to cancer survivors

12 May 2016

Cancer Nursing Practice


MANY SERVICES have employed, or are looking to recruit, non-registered staff to support clinical teams in managing the growing number of cancer survivors.

Recognising how chemotherapy side effects can affect stoma care

09 March 2011

Cancer Nursing Practice


Patients who have a stoma can experience specific, as well as general, effects from chemotherapy treatment. This article presents a case study of a patient who has...

Nursing care for patients undergoing pelvic exenteration for rectal cancers

10 October 2016

Cancer Nursing Practice

Evidence & practice

Pelvic exenteration is an established surgical procedure aimed at removing primary locally advanced pelvic cancers or recurrent pelvic cancers. Exenteration is major...