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How end of life care feels as a nurse – and as a daughter

07 January 2020

Cancer Nursing Practice


On a career break abroad with my husband and young family, a phone call to tell me my mum was seriously ill transported me into a state of fear and vulnerability. I...

The challenge of helping people with rare cancers

03 May 2022

Cancer Nursing Practice


I remember looking down the clinic list and noticed that one of the patients had an angiosarcoma, where disease has arisen from the blood vessels as a result of...

The experience of mastectomy patients on the 23-hour pathway

02 October 2018

Cancer Nursing Practice

discharge pathway

Aim To explore the experiences of women with breast cancer undergoing a mastectomy and discharge from hospital within 23 hours of their stay. Method A qualitative...

access to community services for black and minority ethnic groups: increasing staff awareness

01 May 2006

Learning Disability Practice

A&S Science

The Valuing People White Paper identified that ‘services and support to people with learning disabilities from minority ethnic communities are failing to meet the...