Making sense of fluid balance in children
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Making sense of fluid balance in children

Jane Willock Lecturer in Nursing, School of Care Sciences, University of Glamorgan, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff
Fiona Jewkes Consultant Paediatric Nephrologist, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff

Fluid requirements differ between infants and older children, therefore it is essential that children’s nurses have a sound understanding of fluid balance. This article aims to update children’s nurses’ knowledge of fluid balance and provides guidance on taking the appropriate action when clinical problems arise

Fluid balance is fundamental to life. Monitoring and maintaining fluid balance in sick children requires an understanding of normal requirements and losses and of the effect of different clinical problems on fluid balance. This article provides an opportunity for nurses to update their knowledge of fluid balance in children, along with guidance on calculating fluid requirements and on accurate monitoring of fluid balance in sick children.

Nursing Children and Young People. 12, 7, 37-42. doi: 10.7748/paed2000.