How to measure tracheostomy tube cuff pressure
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How to measure tracheostomy tube cuff pressure

Nicola Credland Specialist lecturer practitioner in adult intensive care, University of Hull, Hull, England

Rationale and key points

This article explores the process and principles of measuring tracheostomy tube cuff pressure and the associated evidence base. It discusses the indications for tracheostomy tube cuff pressure measurement and identifies potential complications associated with the procedure.

Regular measurement of tracheostomy tube cuff pressure is essential to prevent complications associated with tracheostomy tube placement.

Tracheostomy tube cuff pressure should be between 20mmHg and 25mmHg.

Reflective activity

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Nursing Standard. 30, 5, 36-38. doi: 10.7748/ns.30.5.36.e9495


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Received: 06 August 2014

Accepted: 29 October 2014