Benefits of pre-operative information programmes
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Benefits of pre-operative information programmes

Sharon Garretson Nursing supervisor, University Hospitals Health System, Richmond Heights Hospital, Richmond Heights, Ohio, USA

Background Thousands of patients undergo surgical procedures daily. Research has shown the benefits of giving pre-operative information to patients, which include decreased length of stay, less demand for analgesia post-operatively and increased patient satisfaction. However, despite this evidence, there are still many facilities with no formal policy or programme for giving pre-operative information.

Conclusion Nurses and managers should be made aware of the benefits and potential financial savings of pre-operative information programmes. Once education takes place, a concerted multidisciplinary effort should be made to implement a programme. This will help to ensure that patients no longer arrive at the operating theatre frightened and unaware of what will happen to them.

Nursing Standard. 18, 47, 33-37. doi: 10.7748/ns2004.


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