Avoiding plagiarism: guidance for nursing students
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Avoiding plagiarism: guidance for nursing students

Bob Price Director, Postgraduate Qualifications, Advancing Healthcare Practice, Faculty of Health & Social Care, The Open University, Milton Keynes

The pressures of study, diversity of source materials, past assumptions relating to good writing practice, ambiguous writing guidance on best practice and students’ insecurity about their reasoning ability, can lead to plagiarism. With the use of source checking software, there is an increased chance that plagiarised work will be identified and investigated, and penalties given. In extreme cases, plagiarised work may be reported to the Nursing and Midwifery Council and professional as well as academic penalties may apply. This article provides information on how students can avoid plagiarism when preparing their coursework for submission.

Nursing Standard. 28, 26, 45-51. doi: 10.7748/ns2014.



Peer review

This article has been subject to double blind peer review

Received: 06 November 2013

Accepted: 09 December 2013