Standard bearers
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Standard bearers

Fiona Rich Senior lecturer in learning disability nursing, University of Central England

Fiona Rich explores the link between advanced nursing practice and learning disability nursing

Project 2000 was heralded as the best way to educate and train nurses and midwives in the future. However, it actually created a two-tier system of ‘diploma nurses’ and ‘traditionally’ trained nurses. As a result, it was necessary for existing nurses to develop their professional practice, following initial registration. The UKCC, after consultation with the profession, developed its PREP Project (Post Registration Education and Practice Project). This aimed to consider the way forward for educating and training nurses and midwives following registration. In 1993, the UKCC proposed a new post-registration education framework based on the following three distinct areas of nursing practice:

Learning Disability Practice. 3, 6, 6-9. doi: 10.7748/ldp2001.

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