person centred planning & professional workshops
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person centred planning & professional workshops

Jeanette Thompson Lecturer in learning disabilities, University of York

Jeanette Thompson introduces a series of articles that will highlight how person centred planning is being implemented. Here she describes the outcome of a workshop that assessed how best to help professionals to embrace person centred approaches

The following is an overview of a process that has been started by the Valuing People Support Team (VPST) to help people from various professional groups to consider their role in relation to person centred planning (PCP). The VPST has pulled together a group to influence the professional agenda in whatever ways it can. Implicit in agreeing to be part of this group of people is the expectation that each person will take every opportunity to influence the development of the professional group of which they are a member.

Learning Disability Practice. 7, 1,12-13. doi: 10.7748/ldp2004.

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