Management of dysphagia
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Management of dysphagia

Caroline Dalton Lecturer, University College Cork, Ireland
Maria Caples Lecturer, University College Cork, Ireland
Lynne Marsh Lecturer, University College Cork, Ireland

Dysphagia is a disorder of swallowing. The authors stress the importance of a comprehensive assessment leading to effective management and the involvement of a multidisciplinary team. People with the disorder depend on nurses and caregivers for adequate food and drink, so it is imperative that all involved are trained to recognise and manage the condition and to collaborate effectively. The signs and symptoms that staff and carers should look for are discussed and possible interventions suggested to enable more enjoyable mealtimes for everyone involved. Readers are encouraged to reflect on the impact that dysphagia can have on a person’s life and how adherence to strategies can improve quality of life.

Learning Disability Practice. 14, 9, 32-38. doi: 10.7748/ldp2011.


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