Challenging behaviour peplau’s model of nursing
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Challenging behaviour peplau’s model of nursing

Elisabeth Navrady Community nurse, South Buckinghamshire Community NHS Trust

Hildegard Peplau first published her conceptual framework for psychodynamic nursing in 1952. Controversial at the time, her original theory and subsequent revisions are now integrated into nursing practice and education and they have a continuing relevance for nursing today. Elisabeth Navrady explains why…

Peplau was influenced by the psychoanalytical writings of Maslow and the focus for her theory is the relationship between the individual in need of healthcare and the nurse. Importantly, Peplau’s theory places great emphasis on the influence of the environment on health and illness. Although this view of health is now generally accepted and is a prominent theme in Government policy (Department of Health 1998), we must contrast this with the dominance of physical approaches within nursing and healthcare during the 1950s. As Reed and Johnson (1989) point out, Peplau therefore provided nurses with a radically new perspective and a new theory upon which to develop their practice.

Learning Disability Practice. 1, 2, 18-20. doi: 10.7748/ldp1998.

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