Blogging for beginners
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Blogging for beginners

Denise Stokes Media project co-ordinator, Grapevine

Can the blogging phenomenon offer anything to people with learning disabilities? Yes, says Denise Stokes, who co-ordinates a pioneering group based in coventry

You would have to have been in outer space for the last few years to have missed out on the blogging phenomenon. So for all you returning cosmonauts, this is how it works. Switch on your broadband, select a freely available commercial site, follow the easy instructions, press submit/send and hey presto! Yes, comrades, it really is as simple as that. Ten-year-olds will tell you a four-year-old could do it.

Learning Disability Practice. 11, 3, 16-18. doi: 10.7748/ldp.11.3.16.s13

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