Gynaecological assessment and history taking
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Gynaecological assessment and history taking

Anthony Summers Nurse practitioner, Redlands Hospital, Queensland, Australia

Anthony Summers describes how nurse practitioners should undertake pelvic examinations, and outlines significant signs and symptoms

Nurse practitioners (NPs) rarely undertake gynaecological histories or female genital examinations yet, by doing so, they can broaden their scope of practice. This article discusses what NPs should ask women about their gynaecological histories and how to undertake pelvic examinations, and reviews common gynaecological symptoms. Further articles will cover different aspects of the pelvic examination and potential differential diagnoses.

Emergency Nurse. 21, 5, 32-37. doi: 10.7748/en2013.


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This article has been subject to double blind peer review

Received: 03 May 2013

Accepted: 10 July 2013