Breast cancer: What are the issues for young women?
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Breast cancer: What are the issues for young women?

Joanne Beaumont Macmillan clinical nurse specialist in breast care, Weston Park Hospital, Specialist Cancer Services, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Sheffield

A diagnosis of breast cancer is a potentially traumatic experience at any age. Younger women with breast cancer are often at a high risk of emotional distress. There are specific issues which affect younger women, such as: early menopause; infertility; childcare; isolation. If these issues are acknowledged and addressed with a multi-professional approach, the level of emotional distress experienced by this patient group could be reduced. This article aims to present an overview of important themes which arose from reviewing the literature. Specifically, looking at issues which affect younger women with breast cancer, identifying areas of concern, and highlighting issues which should be explored with patients in order to help reduce their emotional distress.

Cancer Nursing Practice. 6, 9,36-39. doi: 10.7748/cnp2007.

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