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Table of contents

20 October 1993 | Vol 8, Issue 5
Viewpoint computer reviews

Glowing references

Philip Burnard

Viewpoint maternity

Harsh labour 12 years on

Eileen Thomas

Viewpoint soapbox

Managing, but barely coping

Christopher Goodall

Book review
Viewpoint in focus
Viewpoint community care
Viewpoint the nat health eiles

One NHS to go

David Fine

Viewpoint the barry clifton column

The end is night

Bany Clifton

Viewpoint education

Blackboard bungle

Jane Warner

Clinical research

Stroke registers: A way to improve care

Jane Woodrow, Charles Wolfe

Clinical ward design
Clinical education
Clinical genito urinary medicine

A protocol for the detection of chlamydia

Shona Cameron, Angela Blakely

Feature primary care

Practice nurses count: the new national census

Karl Atkin, Neil Lunt, Gillian Parker, Michael Hirst

Feature nursing standard nurse 93 awards

Working for awareness

Sandra Moses

News research

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