Table of contents

13 October 1993 | Vol 8, Issue 4
RCN nursing update

Don’t give up on it: Smoking cessation

Margaret Willson, Mel Wilson, Dr Tina Kohnstam

Supplement theatre nursing
Viewpoint computer reviews

Shareware share-alikes

Philip Burnard

Viewpoint the rosemary cook column

Sleazy reading

Rosemary Cook

Book review

Mental Health Nursing

Crispin Allen

Viewpoint letter

Infusion confusion brought to book

Janice McCall, Rona Blythe

Clinical education
Clinical orthopaedics
Clinical enrolled nurses
Clinical mental health

Sexual abuse: giving support to nurses

Denise Berry, Jackie Drury, Bill Prendeville, Puvana Ranganathan, Janne Sumner

Feature mental health

Secondary sexual abuse

Antony Sheehan, Chris Holley

Feature Information Technology

Terms and conditions

Roger Watson

Feature standard nurse 93 awards
News research

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