Table of contents

03 July 1991 | Vol 5, Issue 41
Viewpoint policy notes
Viewpoint quality care
Viewpoint ethics

Confidence trick?

Chris Jones

Viewpoint Blacklisting
Viewpoint Continuing education

A load of PREPP

Jacky Edmonds

Viewpoint a day in the life

Ear waxing lyrical

Rosemary Cook

Book review

Helping the Client

Alan Skelt

Banish headaches

Chris Eberhardie

Viewpoint working parents

Adopting unfair policies

Linda Nazarko

Viewpoint legal notes

Common legal questions

John Hodgson

Viewpoint profile
Viewpoint soapbox

Negative reactions

Simon Rooksby

General article

Impatient outpatient?

Eileen Jordan

Claws for concern

Cynthia O'Neill

All clearly nurses

Brendan Searson

Going for broke with insurance

Margaret Marshall

Clinical ethics
Clinical staff retention

Why nurses leave the profession part 3

Catherine Williams, Keith Soothill, Jon Barry

Clinical community nursing
Clinical gastroenterology

Calcutta update

Barbara Battista

Feature welsh focus
Feature Information Technology

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