Table of contents

26 June 1991 | Vol 5, Issue 40
Supplement aids focus

Nursing beliefs and pain management

Graham Carr, Judith Neild, Vivienne MacDonald, Jean Meadows

Book review
Viewpoint communication

Fighting talk

Stephen Cook

Viewpoint in focus

Points of View

Bernie Rodgers


Information exchange

Daniels Carol, Reni Kempa

Only joking

Nick Hinchliffe

Pick on someone your own size

Christine Griffiths

Clinical patient education
Clinical staff retention

Why nurses leave the profession Part 2

Catherine Williams, Keith Soothill, Jon Barry


Continuous ECG monitoring

Stephen Thomas

Clinical mental health

Family therapy in a rehabilitation hostel

Helen Elliot, Chris Stockwell, Mike Metcalfe

Clinical leg ulcers
Feature women in europe
Feature focus on wales
Feature art as therapy

Emotional rescue

Alderman Charlotte

News research

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