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Table of contents

01 October 1992 | Vol 4, Issue 5
Nursing homes

Practice makes perfect

Linda Nazarko

Now for the good news

Theresa Briscoe

Care assistants

Lifting and moving

Lynne Swiatczak

Book review

Widow’s Journey

Brian Dolan

Healthy Ageing

Liz Day

Elder Care

Gill Garrett

In conversation

As I was saying...

Pat Young

Royal college Of Nursing

ACE on ageing

Kieran Crilly

Olympic shadows

James Marr

Mental health

World depression

Bernard Ineichen


Losing out in old age

Judith Tyler


Moving together

Anne Herrick Nicodemus

Discharge planning

Evolution, not revolution

Ann Hare, Penny Hillier


Principles of stroke rehabilitation

James Barrett, Melanie Jones, Gill Ayris, Sylvia Redford

Legal issues

Scottish affairs

Roger Watson

Being cruel to be kind

Bridgit Dimond

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