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Table of contents

01 July 1992 | Vol 4, Issue 4
Nursing homes

Social disservices?

Linda Thomas

Care assistants

Choice thoughts

Lynne Swiatczak

In conversation

As I was saying...

Pat Young

Book review
Royal college Of Nursing

Out of pocket

Ian Finch

Our Major concerns

James Marr


Talking point

Judith Tyler

Mental health

Designed for living

Bernard Ineichen

Alcohol abuse

The demon drink

Tim Malcolm

Continence promotion

Programmed to succeed

Linda Nazarko


Incontinence in old age

Christine Norton

Residential care

Telling home truths

Jane Steele

Community care

Sounding the alarm

Patricia Thornton

Voluntary organisations

Home from hospital

Geraldine Amos


Abiding memories

Joan Kemp

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