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Table of contents

24 May 1995 | Vol 9, Issue 35

Pulse oximetry

Jan Keenan

Supplement cardiology update

Central venous pressure

Michael McDermott

Electrolytes in cardiac patients

Peter SC Wong, Alison Warren


A day in the life...

Phil McEvoy

Cut flowers

Antony Sheehan, Stephen Wright

Readers panel - A degree of professionalism?

Angela Kennedy, Chris Bassett, Louise James, Linda Jarrett, Paul Watson, Paul Kirwan, Lyz Warren, Val Flint, Linda Mealing, John Carthy, Andrea Spyropoulos, Wicce St Clair Hawkins

Clinical nursing ethics
Clinical quality assurance
Feature prep

A portfolio be proud of

Louise Hunt, Wright Cheryl, Redferm Julie

News file

Enough is enough

Dina Leifer

General article

Quality participation

Marja-Leena Perala

Managing information

Lynne Currie

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