Table of contents

25 May 1994 | Vol 8, Issue 35 Print Edition
Supplement cardiology update

Infective endocarditis

Patrick Davies

Balloon pericardiotomy

Graham Jackson

Cardiac tamponade

John Chambers, David Sprigings

Book review
Viewpoint books

Death Rites

Kevin Kendrick

Viewpoint debate

M'learned trend

Joan Lynn

Food of love

Jane Waterson

Viewpoint education

Spelling it out

Michael Sheehan

Danger at work

Jean Lenis

Viewpoint points of view

The blame game

Steve Flatt


The Teacher’s Tale

Wendy Nganasurian


And now for the good news

Elizabeth Whitehead

Clinical Infection Control
clinical health promotion

Health care provision at a Butlin’s centre

Rachel Tucker, Peter Birchenall

Feature community nursing

Evaluation back-up

Susie Pilling, Judith Frank

Feature nursing practice
News life
News file
News research

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