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Table of contents

27 November 1991 | Vol 6, Issue 10
Supplement breast care

Skin reactions to radiotherapy

Jill Lawton, Mary Twoomey

Books Review

Challenging cancer

F Mullally Sarah

Book review

Feminist Groupwork

Annette Spence

Counselling and communication in health care

H Davis, L Fallowfield, Brigid Breckman

Viewpoint working parents
Viewpoint letters

Casualty update

Casualty Watcher


Reviewing research

Tom Keighley

General article
Clinical paediatric nursing

Computer detection of child abuse

Andrew Dove, Mary Kobryn

Clinical education

A conversion course in mental handicap

Patrick Henry, Luke McSorley, Gerard McCloskey

Clinical Continuing Education
Clinical patient advocacy
Clinical endoscopy nursing

Setting up a local endoscopy service

Naz Khadim, Liz Penny, Steve Wright, Mohammed Matin

Feature world AIDS day
Feature pay
News research

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