Table of contents

07 May 1991 | Vol 5, Issue 32
Supplement cardiology update


Stephen Thomas

Valvular surgery

Shyam Kolvekar, Andrew Forsyth

Editorial cardiology update
Book review


Sue Murray

Principles of medical genetics

Janet Russell Hole

View point

Points of View

Lynn Young

General article

Radiation protection

Therese Crawley

Viewpoint letters

Moving toward understanding

Jacky Moskovits

Clinical psychiatric nursing

Using behavioural psychotherapy skills

David Richards, Alicia Deale

Clinical management

Developing nurses into managers

Lin Merrett, Beverley Holloway

Clinical haematology
Clinical midwifery

Using Riehl’s model in midwifery

Maggie Roach, Noeleen Brown

Feature north of england focus
Feature children's painting competition
Feature children’s painting competition
Feature audit commission
News clinical

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