Table of contents

30 January 1991 | Vol 5, Issue 19
Supplement crisis in the gulf

Post traumatic stress disorder explained

Bill McKinlay, Neil Brooks

Book review

Nursing the Dying

Chris Eberhardie

Viewpoint debate

Sanity in a sick society

Crispin Allen

Soapbox education

Belittle leaders

Jane Robinson

View point

Points of view

Mariam Goldman

Clinical hospital management
Clinical psychiatric nursing

Depression and changing responses

Nicholas Holdsworth, Gordon Moore


Information exchange

Janet S Manuel

Not just a servant

Barbara M Saunders

Playing an important role

Eric R Littler

Clearing the confusion

Wendyl Harris


Quality assurance

Assumpta Mazlett

Clinical wound care
Feature gulf war
Supplement quality assurance

Dysssy on the equator

Hugh McKenna

Going round in circles

Carol Freeman

Feature medical accidents

No-fault compensation

Jackie O’Byrne Jackie

Feature trevor clay

The clay column

Trevor Clay


Norwegian standards

Kirsten Lode

Clinical directorates

Christine Hancock


Safe as houses

Derek Hand

Feature professional conduct
News research

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