Table of contents

20 January 2016 | Vol 30, Issue 21 Print Edition

Working with the homeless

Catharine Sadler

Make an impression

Dean Gurden


Nutrition in hospital

Catherine Stansfield

Art & Science

How to measure blood pressure manually

Melanie Rushton, Joyce Smith

Reader offer

These associate roles are vital in a community setting

Ami David, Sylvia Gnanapragasam, Theresa Berry

TV and Radio
App Review
Book review

Do We Need Midwives?

Alison Brodrick


Workplace wisdom

Zeba Arif

Readers panel - The thorny subject of obesity

Rachel Kent, Mark Pittman, Sarah Esegbona-Adeigbe, Pete Hawkins

Tree of pain

David Newnham

Money matters

Jane Bates

Value for money

David Wood

Clinical update
Clinical digest

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