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Table of contents

16 December 2015 | Vol 30, Issue 16

How to handle bullies

Kathy Oxtoby


Nursing revalidation

Rebecca Keown

Art & Science

Transferring young people with cystic fibrosis to adult care

Stephanie Tierney, Sue Kirk, Christi Deaton


From Facebook

Diane Cawood, Rachel Webb, Bev Syson, Heather Clarke, Jane Shipley

TV and Radio
App Review

Yellow Card app

Layla Haidrani

Book review

A recommended read…

Janet Davies, David Newnham, Crystal Oldman, Susan Osborne, Zeba Arif, James Buchan, Jane Bates, Janet Finch, Marc Cornock, Howard Catton

Question Marc

Marc Cornock

Readers panel - The true value of bursaries

Jane Scullion, Mike Wallis, Sarah Loughran, Drew Payne

Out in the cold

David Newnham

That’s the spirit

Jane Bates

The bigger picture

James Pickett, Clare Walton, Antony Arthur, Claire Goodman

Clinical update
Reader offer
Clinical digest

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