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Table of contents

07 July 2004 | Vol 18, Issue 43

Self-harm and suicide: care, interventions and policy

Stephen H Cook, Carmel Clancy, Sarah Sanderson

Art & Science

Extrapyramidal side effects

Brian Houltram, Mike Scanlan

A training programme for healthcare support workers

Gillian Arblaster, Chris Streather, Lesley Hugill, Melvina McKenzie, Judith Missenden



Laurence Dopson


Outside ln

David Newnham

Euthanasia: facts vs emotions

David Harding-Price

Give children equal protection

Glenys Kinnock Mep

The healing value of a hug

Veronica Burton

Book review

Time to clear the air

Jennifer Percivai

It’s in the blood

Leanne Allen

Readers panel - A numbers game

Duncan Clarkson, Frances Wheatley, Jane Brown, Dean-David Holyoake

Talking quality

Oliver Robinson


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