Table of contents

19 November 2003 | Vol 18, Issue 10 Print Edition

Diversity drive

Les Storey, Linda Sawley


Care of dying patients

Denise Heming, Ann Colmer

Art & Science

Credit where it is due

Beverley Hicks

The budget for Cancerkin

Gloria Freilich

Consultants grounded in nursing

Donna Parkin, Karen Easton, Carole Butler-Williams, Ian Ingledew, Sharon Wade

Book review

Explorations in Dementia

Margot Lindsay


Outside in

David Newnham

We have not been active enough

Hannah Marshallsay

Media watch

Jason Warriner

What’s in a word?

Marc Block

Existential pain

Paul Bibby

Keeping it clean

Rose Gallacher

First past the post

Jane Bates

Readers panel

Dean-David Holyoake, Frances Wheatley, Jane Brown, Roger Cowell

Research notes

Roger Watson

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