Table of contents

27 June 2001 | Vol 15, Issue 41 Print Edition

Food safety

Claire Conway

Art & Science

Implementing evidenre-based practice in clinical situations

Elizabeth McInnes, Gill Harvey, Lesley Duff, Gabby Fennessy, Kate Seers, Elizabeth Clark


Dame Alice Lowrey

Laurence Dopson


UK-wide regulation is surely redundant

James P Smith Fochabers

Nursing champion would turn in her grave

Jennifer Doohan Nottingham

Book review

Life as in death

Jennifer Percival

Standard life

Daniel Allen


Outside in

David Newnham

Bank of knowledge

Elizabeth Laws

Care in crisis

Linda Nazarko

Out in the open

David Evans

Better go in disguise

Mike Lehane



Renate Thome


Healing old wounds

Catharine Sadler


At a stroke

Rael Martell

Human touch

Colin Parish

News :clinical digest

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