Table of contents

25 April 2001 | Vol 15, Issue 32 Print Edition
Careers: network
Careers: listings
Careers: jobs focus

Sharps injury: prevention and management

Dee May, Sheelagh Brewer

Art & Science

New matrons: a political move or a positive step for nursing?

Jane Edwards, Dawn Muers, Mandy Davies, E Joan Gibson, Denise Shanahan, R Allcock, Geraldine Mullins

Baby-boomers won't put up with starched matrons

Andy Bell, Kathleen Svea Manning

Book review

Don’t count on it

James Buchan

Faith in healers

Fo Ettinger

Out side in

David Newnham

Meal appeal

Anne Fraser

The Meaning of love

Stephen Wright

Dying to know

Linda Payne

Standard life

Daniel Allen

When your number’s up

Frances Portman, Claire Pratt, Ian Hulatt

Take my advice

Jo Yarwood


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