Table of contents

28 March 2001 | Vol 15, Issue 28
Careers: development

Management essentials

Philomena Calpin-Davies

Careers: listings
Careers: jobs focus

Sweet relief

Rosemary Walker

Careers: network
Art & Science

Developing an integrated nursing team approach

Susan Allen, Sally Clark, John Toby, David Smart, Fiona Moore

The Pendine Pathways Project in the independent sector

Sarah Baker, Beverly Williams, Dee Jones, John Fazey


Leeds programme welcomes returners

Susie Pease, Kristina Carr

Views sought on alcohol assessment

Parkholme David Cooper

Book review

A Place of Healing

Kerry Marrion, Tarbuck Paul

Perspectives: Reviews

Stress factor

Mary Smith

Outside in

David Newnham

Into the firing line

Caroline Frizelle, Sue Hopkins, Claire Pratt

Come in from the cold

Colin Beacock


Community carousel

Michael Calnan, David Wainwright


Rural nightmare

Rael Martell

What the papers say

Christian Duffin

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