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29 March 2000 | Vol 14, Issue 28
Foot notes

Foot notes

David Newnham

Careers: jobs listing
Careers: listings
Careers: network

The pain killers

Linda Tidy

General article
RCN Congress 2000
Continuing professional development
Art & Science

Preceptorship in practice

O’Malley Christine, Elizabeth Cunliffe, Hunter Surajah, Jan Breeze

Organ donation: the debate

Rosie Wilkinson


Nurses are not resistant to using research

Nicky Cullum, Carl Thompson, Dorothy McCaughan, Trevor Sheldon

A sad loss

J Alderson

Leam from your placements

Heather Hannan

Book review
Perspectives: Opinion

Jobs for the boys

Cherry Stephenson, Karla Buswell, Lesley Chivers


Standard life

Daniel Allen

A matter of trust

Leslie Celling

Burden of guilt

Brid Hehir

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