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25 October 1995 | Vol 10, Issue 5 Print Edition
Viewpoint health services
Viewpoint readers panel

Mills & boon: reality or just romantic fantasy?

Brendan McMahon, Wendy Hall, Kevin Kendrick, Chris Cruickshank, Andrea Martin, Christopher Humm, Roberta Burton, Linda Hollings

Viewpoint workface
Viewpoint healthy debate

Roll up, roll up

Jane Warner


Up to one’s eyes

Mary Agbo

Raw deals for two wheels

Tony Gillam BA Hons

Good health care at a price

K D Ashton Preston


Ill-informed and inexperienced views

Helen Russell-Johnson, Michele Charles



Maggie Appleton

Clinical infertility
Clinical palliative care
Feature infectious diseases

An old scourge returns

Stephen Firn

Feature nursing standard nurse ‘95

Lights, camera, action!

Katherine Wilkinson, Barbara Williamson

News file
News research

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