Table of contents

01 April 2007 | Vol 14, Issue 3 Print Edition
Book review

Book reviews and round-up

Chris Chaloner, Louise Bell, Alison Twycross, Helena M Priest, Denis Anthony, Susan M. Philpin, Louise Bell, Maura Dowling, Gill Hek, Bernard Gibbon, Maura Dowling, Christine Hallett, Bernard Gibbon, Gina Finnerty, Peter Norrie

Issues in research

Getting started with qualitative research: developing a research proposal

Cristina G Vivar, Anne McQueen, Dorothy A Whyte, Navidad Canga Armayor

Lost in translation? Undertaking transcultural qualitative research

Fiona Elizabeth Irvine, David Lloyd, Peter Jones Reece, David Mervyn Allsup, Bangor Chikako Kakehashi, Ayako Ogi, Mayumi Okuyama

A&S Science

Ethnographic research

Laura Serrant-Green


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