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01 November 2005 | Vol 12, Issue 7 Print Edition

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Ruth Williams


Building research capacity

Angela Grange, Sally Herne, Ann Casey, Liz Wordsworth


Shared interests

Steve Campbell, Hilary Lloyd

Mission impossible?

Tony Butterworth

Going the extra mile

Debbie Andalo

Nursing and midwifery research in scotland

Theresa Fyffe, Jennifer Waterton, Theresa Fyffe, Edinburgh Jennifer Waterton

A Northern Ireland perspective

Francis Rice, Francis Rice

The Department of Health: championing investment and capacity building in nursing research

Ros Moore, John Wilkinson, Abigail Masterson, Ros Moore, John Wilkinson, Abigail Masterson

Moving the Agenda forward

Kate Gerrish, Ann McMahon, Kate Gerrish, Ann McMahon

Practical solutions

Caroline Shuldham

Spotlight on success

Joined up thinking

Loretta Bellman

Vantage point

Juliet Chambers



Beverly Malone

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