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09 May 2016 | Vol 28, Issue 4

Open Access PO30 – Child abuse: perception and teacher training

Isabel Bica, Sandra Cunha, José Costa, Madalena Cunha, Carlos Albuquerque, Margarida Reis Santos

Open Access PO27 – Road safety – young people’s behaviours in Vila Nova de Famalicão

Ilda Fernandes, Manuela Martins, Luísa Andrade, Eliana Machado

Open Access PO26 – Physical activity – young people’s behaviours in Vila Nova de Famalicão

Ilda Fernandes, Manuela Martins, Bárbara Gomes, Luísa Andrade, Ana Silva

Open Access PO25 – Catastrophe simulation through an interactive board game

Sigrid Lang, Younis Khalid, Anna-Pia Wentzel, Malin Ekstrom, Helena Bidås

Open Access PO24 – Paediatric nurse reception (PNR) at the children’s emergency department in Gothenburg

Sigrid Lang, Samy Sebraoui, Anna-Pia Wentzel, Malin Ekström

Open Access PO23 – Behavioural therapy via a video conference

Judy Grejsen, Lone Aaslet, Nanette Debes Mol, Liselotte Skov

Open Access PO22 – Children’s satisfaction with the diabetes nursing consultation

Anabela Pires, Graça Aparício, João Duarte

Open Access PO20 – Parental suggestions for developing pain management in neonatal intensive care units

Anna-Kaija Palomaa, Anne Korhonen, Tarja Pölkki

Open Access PO19 – Developing a pain scale for infants in collaboration with clinical staff in the neonatal intensive care unit

Tarja Pölkki, Anne Korhonen, Ulla Heikkinen, Anna-Kaija Palomaa, Seija Miettinen

Open Access PO15 - PBLS and primary school teachers: survey on training needs in first aid environment

Maria Cristina Tonello, Anna Persico, Giovanni Borrelli

Open Access PO14 – Paediatric post-operative pain assessment in day surgery

Emanuela Tiozzo Massimiliano Raponi

Open Access PO13 – Humanity in the neonatal intensive care unit

Inger Jorun Danielsen, Ingjerd Gare Kymre

Open Access PO11 – S.O.S. infant’s crying! An educational path in a paedatric counselling context

Federica Logrippo, Emanuela Berbotto, Marina Remon, Anna Persico

Open Access PO10 – A safe school day for a diabetic child

Svetlana Lorvi-Talisainen, Annika Härmits, Sirje Multram

Open Access PO08 – Perceptions of children and their parents about the pain experienced during their hospitalization and its impact on parents’ quality of life

Vasiliki Matziou, Pantelis Perdikaris, Efrosyni Vlahioti, Vasia Dimitriou, Konstantinos Tsoumakas

Open Access PO06 – Cross cultural validation of the preterm oral feeding readiness assessment scale (POFRAS)

Ilaria Orsenigo, Simona Serveli, Angela Cicconetti, Roberta Da Rin Della Mora

Open Access PO02 – Clinical profile of children admitted to a paediatric intensive care unit due to acute clinical deterioration

Claus Sixtus Jensen, Hanne Aagaard, Hanne Vebert Olesen, Hans Kirkegaard

Open Access OC48 – Hurtology: an online course

Casey Frechette, Barbara Frechette

Open Access OC47 – NICUs and family-centred care, from the leadership to the design, the results of a survey in Italy (by FCC Italian NICU study group)

Immacolata Dall’Oglio, Anna Portanova, Emanuela Tiozzo, Orsola Gawronsk, Gennaro Rocco, JM Latour

Open Access OC46 – NIDCAP at hospital São João – the journey

Madalena Ramos, Carla Castro, Florbela Neto, Ligia Silva, Fátima Clemente, Hercília Guimarães

Open Access OC45 – Towards family-centred care in neonatal intensive care unit

Maria Do Céu Barbieri-Figueiredo, Madalena Ramos, Branca Oliveira, Eugénia Fernandes, Florbela Neto

Open Access OC42 – What do parents know about fever?

Manuela Pereira, Isabel Bica, João Duarte, Margarida Reis Santos, Ernestina Silva, Patrícia Costa

Open Access OC41 – Families of children with Down syndrome: a cross-cultural study

Marcia Van Riper, George Knafl, Elysangela Dittz Duarte, Hyunkyung Choi

Open Access OC40 – Family participation in caring for hospitalized children – nurses’ perspectives

Margarida Reis Santos, Natália Quina Lopes, Paula Sousa

Open Access OC39 – The efficacy of a participatory approach in reducing pain related to venepuncture in children

Andrea Gazzelloni, Mariagrazia Maio, Maria Romano, Iolanda Marcone, Franca Marino, Monia Cosima Labalestra

Open Access OC37 – Adolescents with cystic fibrosis: their perspective

Maria Conceição Reisinho, Bárbara Gomes

Open Access OC36 – Diagnostic approach of primary cilia dyskinesia: Greek experience

Barbara Boutopoulou, Marios Papadopoulos, Konstantinos Douros, Iordanis Papadopoulos, Basilis Grammeniatis, Kostas Priftis

Open Access OC35 – Child Friendly Healthcare Initiative, implementation project in a paediatric department in Greece

Barbara Boutopoulou, Andrew Clarke, Ioanna Christothanopoulou, Konstantinos Douros, Maria Tsirouda, Vasiliki Papaevangelou

Open Access OC34 – Paediatric rehabilitation: humanizing nursing care to children and their families

Ana Paula Marques França, Alda Rosa Barbosa Mendes, Mariana Inês Fernandes Barrias

Open Access OC33 – Young people’s eating behaviours in Vila Nova de Famalicão

Ilda Fernandes, Manuela Martins, Luísa Andrade, Sara Soares

Open Access OC31 – Tobacco consumption by adolescents: a study in the north of Portgual

Margarida Reis Santos, Sandra Cruz, Susana Fernandes

Open Access OC26 – Parents of young children in research: informants, consultants and collaborators

Sarah Neill, Damian Roland, Matthew Thompson, Natasha Bayes, Laura Mullins, Monica Lakhanpaul

Open Access OC25 – Helping parents spot the deteriorating child: co-production of safety-netting interventions

Sarah Neill, Damian Roland, Matthew Thompson, Juliet Usher-Smith, Laura Mullins, Monica Lakhanpaul

Open Access OC24 – An algorithm proposal to oral feeding in premature infants

Florbela Neto, Ana Paula França, Sandra Cruz

Open Access OC23 – Expert mentoring: a path to leadership

Carol Hall, Paula Dawson, Laura Holliday

Open Access OC22 – Light House Project

Gonçalo Pereira, Ana Baridó

Open Access OC21 – Psychosocial functioning of parents of infants diagnosed with complex congenital heart defect

Konstantinos Petsios, Vassiliki Matziou, Ioanna Voutoufianaki, Anna Manatou, Prodromos Azariadis, Spiros Rammos

Open Access OC20 – Skin-to-skin contact in the first hour of life

Manuela Ferreira, Tânia Vaz, Graça Aparício, João Duarte

Open Access OC19 – Measuring feasibility, reliability and validity of the Greek version of PedsQL cardiac module

Maria Drakouli, Konstantinos Petsios, Vasiliki Matziou

Open Access OC18 – Neurodevelopmental outcomes following congenital heart surgery

Eleni Syrgani, Konstantinos Petsios

Open Access OC16 – Calculation skills and e-learning platform: study pre-post test on students of paediatric nursing in Italy

Marilena Bambaci, Federica Vignali, Fulvio Ricceri, Anna Persico, Maria Chiara Ariotti, Liliana Vagliano

Open Access OC15 – Leading nursing educational progress in child mental health

Edilma L Yearwood, Sally Raphel

Open Access OC14 – Implementation of an educational program in children’s post – operative pain

Fotini Mavridi, Anastasia Statiri, Adelais Tsiotou, Evangelia Kaliardou, Anastasia Doxara, Vasiliki Matziou

Open Access OC10 – Inter-rater agreement of the Paediatric Early Warning Score tools used in the central Denmark region

Claus Sixtus Jensen, Hanne Aagaard, Hanne Vebert Olesen, Hans Kirkegaard

Open Access OC09 – Early maternal contact has an impact on preterm infants’ brain systems that manage stress

Evalotte Mörelius, Annika Örtenstrand, Elvar Theodorsson, Anneli Frostell

Open Access OC08 – Care for the children with severe forms of atopic dermatitis

Ivona Mikulenková, Miroslav Kobsa, Jana Mičková-Domitrová

Open Access OC06 – Involving parents in their child’s care – where next?

Joanna Smith, Veronica Swallow, Imelda Coyne

Open Access OC05 – Tokenism or true partnership – parental involvement in a child’s acute pain care

Jackie Vasey, Joanna Smith, Marilynne Kirshbaum, Kathleen Chirema

Open Access OC04 – A weaning plan for high flow nasal therapy (HFNT) in bronchiolitis – a nurse-led initiative

Claire Colvine, Laura McCulloch, Calum Morrison, Mandy Allen

Open Access OC02 – Promoting the university research of paediatric nurses

Madeleine Collombier, Emilie Courtois, Karine Renaudie, Catherine Thomyre

Open Access Design of paediatric hospitals

Veronica Lambert

Open Access What matters to you?

Edel Kirketerp

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