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Leadership and accountability

01 November 2010

Nursing Management


This article examines the positive effect that ward managers and directors of nursing with strong leadership skills can have on practice and patient care across an...

Leadership support for ward managers in acute mental health inpatient settings

29 April 2014

Nursing Management

Art & Science

This article shares findings of work undertaken with a group of mental health ward managers to consider their roles through workshops using an action learning...

What keeps nurses happy? Implications for workforce well-being strategies

22 March 2018

Nursing Management

Evidence & practice

Aim The aim of this article is to present selected findings from a doctoral study on the subjective well-being and subjective experience of mental health problems in...

Effect of nurse managers’ leadership styles on predicted nurse turnover

14 July 2020

Nursing Management


Background Predicting nurse turnover is important to prevent expensive and avoidable staff loss. One factor that may influence nurse turnover is nurse managers’...

Open AccessInvestigating organisational justice and job satisfaction as perceived by nurses, and its relationship to organizational citizenship behaviour

06 July 2021

Nursing Management


Background Organisational justice refers to the extent to which employees perceive workplace procedures, interactions, and outcomes to be fair in nature. Previous...

Exploring how nurse managers’ knowledge of succession planning affects their leadership and organisational resilience

03 November 2021

Nursing Management

evidence and practice

Background The effectiveness and stability of a healthcare organisation’s workforce, including nurse managers, can be negatively affected by many factors, including...

Role of front-line nurse leadership in improving care

01 June 2018

Nursing Standard


Healthcare professionals continue to debate how to address the issues of suboptimal care, neglect and abuse in healthcare settings. One solution that is likely to...

A nurse-led youth volunteering project to support older people on acute hospital wards

24 June 2020

Nursing Management


Young people volunteering on acute hospital wards can provide extra support to older patients, for example with eating and drinking, with mobilising and with...