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The supply and fitting of a temporary breast prosthesis

26 June 2002

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

The fitting of soft breast prostheses is an essential nursing duty on breast cancer surgery wards, but it appears to be performed on an ad hoc basis, without...

Open AccessMesothelioma: exploring psychological effects on veterans and their family caregivers

22 June 2023

Cancer Nursing Practice

patient experience

Background: In the UK, around one in eight adults aged over 65 years is a veteran of the UK armed forces. There is little research into the experiences of veterans...

Understanding help-seeking behaviour in patients

26 May 2016

Primary Health Care


Healthcare staff based in the community have a vested interest in understanding the help-seeking behaviour of patients. They are often the first healthcare...

Exploring women’s experiences of an inpatient mental health rehabilitation service

23 April 2024

Mental Health Practice

evidence and practice

The importance of providing women who experience mental health issues with gender-sensitive and trauma-informed care has been emphasised in research and policy....

Service users’ experience of psychological interventions on an enhanced rehabilitation pathway

07 May 2024

Mental Health Practice

evidence and practice

This article details a service evaluation that aimed to understand which service users in a mental health rehabilitation setting access psychological interventions,...

Addressing the psychosocial needs of young people with thalassaemia undergoing bone marrow transplantation

14 December 2020

Nursing Children and Young People

blood disorders

Beta thalassaemia major is an inherited condition that causes severe anaemia. Patients with the condition require regular blood transfusions. One curative treatment...

Long term conditions: three ways to give patients the confidence to self-care

07 September 2022

Primary Health Care


Community and primary care nursing offer scope for teaching self-care to patients. Patients with long-term conditions can find it helpful to receive carefully...

Understanding and managing trauma in people with severe and profound learning disabilities

14 October 2021

Learning Disability Practice

mental health

Trauma has been described as an experience that overwhelms a person’s ability to cope. The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has produced traumatic...

Exploring the benefits of group reflection on mental health issues for trauma nurses

21 December 2021

Mental Health Practice


Reflective practice has been shown to raise the quality of nursing care, but group reflection is not usually part of routine professional practice in general...

Trauma-informed care for people presenting to the emergency department with mental health issues

25 February 2020

Emergency Nurse

mental health

There is a high prevalence of exposure to traumatic events in childhood among people who have mental health issues. Presentation to the emergency department (ED) can...