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Table of contents

30 October 1991 | Vol 6, Issue 6
Viewpoint work-injured nurses

Uplifting experience?

Barbara Woodcraft

Viewpoint working parents
In focus
Viewpoint management

Carry on Matron?

David Wright

Viewpoint soapbox

Learning at their laptops

Denise Barnett

Viewpoint NHS reforms
Book review
View point

Points of View

Mark Elannagan


Compatible programmes

Joseph F Ryan

No work here

B Gabrielsson

Clinical research
Clinical psychiatry
Clinical preceptorship
Images of Romania
Clinical ophthalmology

Chemical bums of the eye

Melissa Tannen, Janet Marsden

Feature care of the dying

Dying East, dying West

Wendy Bainbridge

Feature nursing Standard/BUPA nursing nurse 91
Feature continuing education
Feature day surgery

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