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08 January 2003 | Vol 17, Issue 17
Art & Science

Attitudes to long-term care in multiple sclerosis

Louise Jarrett, Alison Bradford, Caroline Brown, Samantha Colhoun, Adrienne Cox, Helen Gush, Marilyn Kaliczak, Anne McCaffrey, Fiona Mullan, Lucy Norris, Benedetta Rossi, Andrew Russell, Karen Vernon

Physical health care in medium secure services

Calum Meiklejohn, Kate Sanders, Sally Butler

Outside in
Perspectives: letters
Perspectives: Reviews
Book review

Focus on your role

Clare Morrell


Outside in

David Newnham

Tragedy and farce

Richard Wilson

Knowing when to stay

Julia Kindon

Ahead of the game

Julie Potts

Freedom on the front line

Sarah Mullally

Starting out

Katie Hillier

Keep cool under fire

Jennifer Percival

Devil in the details

John Northrop

Research notes

Maggie Tarling

Readers panel - Body politics

Linda Drake, Julie Farrell, Ian Hullatt, Frances White


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