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Table of contents

02 December 1998 | Vol 13, Issue 11
Appointment and listings
Appointments & listings

The independent sector

Ian McMillan

RCN continuing education


Jane Winney

Art & Science
Journal scan
Book review


Cook Rosemary

Nurse 98 awards

Must do better

Mike George

On the home straight

Susan Soper, Julia Hadley

Readers panel

Readers Panel - Quality questions

Steve Flatt, Carol Singleton, Stephen Weeks

What's in a name?

David Stanley

Impact of a death

Markella Boudioni

Savage culture

Undo Nazarko


Disabling discrimination

David Ruebain


Don't blame agencies

Mike Travis

News comment

Cruel and pointless

Alan Robertshaw

A small risk is too much

Vicki Allanach

Conference view
News analysis

Nurses not invited

Sharon Watson

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