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bridging the gap: supporting people recently discharged from hospital

01 October 2002

Nursing Older People


For older people with functional mental health problems, leaving hospital can be very daunting and, although the care programme approach aims to ensure that clients...

Referring patients with complex problems to community matrons

01 December 2009

Primary Health Care


A proactive and co-ordinated approach is needed to ensure that people with complex problems and long-term conditions are well managed. The role of the community...

District nurse views on improving the transfer of care from hospital to home

28 September 2016

Primary Health Care

Evidence & practice

The move towards healthcare being delivered predominantly in people’s own homes has been seen as creating more choice and giving patients better access to care. How...

Identifying standards to ensure seamless discharge to primary care for homeless people

27 March 2015

Primary Health Care


Practitioners need to work collaboratively to enable people experiencing homelessness to achieve a good standard of care whenever they have a ‘transition of care’...