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Issues in phenomenological nursing research: the combined use of pain diaries and interviewing

01 April 2006

Nurse Researcher

issues in research

Kathryn Clarke and Ron Iphofen describe how combining two methods – diaries and interviews – proved fruitful in a study that sought to explore the experience of...

Community care in a hospital setting

20 July 2010

Nursing Standard


The concept of a community hospital has taken off in a new direction in Oxford. Rehabilitation is now provided within the acute hospital.

Obtaining corporate information from NHS foundation trusts

25 June 2009

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Foundation trusts have boards of directors that are responsible for the day-to-day running of the organisation, planning services and developing strategy. Unlike...

Therapeutic relationships in intellectual disability nursing practice

02 September 2015

Learning Disability Practice

Art & Science

The therapeutic relationship is an interpersonal affiliation between a nurse and a client. It is central to the growth of interdependent psychological, emotional,...

Research-active nurses: the myths, fears and potential

07 July 2015

Mental Health Practice

Art & Science

For nursing to progress, it needs to be continuously examined by practising staff through evidence-based research. Those involved in such research benefit from their...

Risk management in a survivor-led crisis service

01 December 2009

Mental Health Practice


The perception that there is a climate of fear and blame in mental health services often drives people away from them and causes workers to practise defensively. The...

Every picture tells a story

15 September 2009

Nursing Standard


Children can be psychologically, as well as physically, damaged by meningitis. Art therapy can help them to explore their fears.

Testing the limits

10 May 2011

Nursing Standard

On the cover

A steep rise in the number of HIV positive people has led to calls for routine screening in areas with a high incidence of the infection.

Lloyd’s legacy

10 October 2007

Nursing Standard

Clinical digest

A nursing student whose brother was murdered is campaigning among children to raise awareness about the destructive force of violence.

Care, compassion and communication

18 February 2015

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Care, compassion and effective communication are essential elements of nursing, which must be demonstrated by all nurses and nursing students. These requirements...